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Newland Payment Technology Partners with CB Group and Festipay to Enhance Cashless Payments at European Festivals

Newland Payment Technology, a leading provider of payment solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with CB Group and Festipay, one of Europe's largest integrated event management solutions providers. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the festival experience by implementing advanced cashless payment solutions across various festivals throughout Europe.

Newland Payment Technology Partners with CB Group and Festipay to Enhance Cashless Payments at European Festivals

Festipay has been at the forefront of innovation in venue access and cashless payments, successfully transforming major live events in Hungary, Romania, Croatia, France, Italy, and Georgia. With a wide range of services covering ticketing, access control, accreditation management, and more, Festipay's integrated solutions have significantly improved efficiency and convenience for festival organizers and attendees alike.

In 2017, Festipay pioneered the use of NFC-enabled wristbands that combined ticketing, venue access, and cashless payment functions. This breakthrough technology maximized convenience and enhanced security for festivalgoers. Moreover, Festipay has been selected as the official cashless payment service provider for Budapest spas, further demonstrating its expertise and reliability in the industry.

Newland Payment Technology, in partnership with CB Group, will deliver and service state-of-the-art Android-based smart ECR (Electronic Cash Register) and smartPOS (Point of Sale) terminals starting from 2021. These cutting-edge solutions include:

CPOS X5: A premium merchant POS system featuring a dual display and fast printer, providing merchants with a seamless and efficient payment experience.

N910 Pro: A mobile smartPOS terminal that enables acceptance of all payment methods on the go, empowering merchants with flexibility and mobility.

N700: A pocket-size printerless smartPOS terminal designed for pay@the table or on-the-move transactions, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Through this partnership, festival organizers and attendees can expect an enhanced cashless payment experience, eliminating the hassle of handling physical currency and providing a seamless and secure transaction process. The combined expertise of Newland Payment Technology, CB Group, and Festipay will set a new standard for cashless payments at festivals across Europe.

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