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Newland U1000 deployed at Katowice parking

Cashless acceptance for Katowice parking lots was enabled in collaboration with ITCard, APDU, Automatikon.

Newland U1000 deployed at Katowice parking

We're proud to announce that as a regional partner of Newland Payment, we were able to facilitate the delivery of an innovative on-street parking solution in Katowice, Poland in close partnership with APDU, IT Card and Automatikon.

Our team worked closely with Newland Payment's technical experts and APDU's software expertise to deliver the cutting-edge U1000 unattended POS terminal of the latest PCI 6 generation, which can also run on solar energy due to its intelligent power management system.We're excited to continue our market expansion with our partners in the unattended POS market in Poland and replicate it across the CEE region.

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