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Newland U1000 with virtual cash register introduced for car wash sector

Attention car wash operators! Are you tired of using traditional cash registers to fiscalize your revenues? Look no further than Planet Pay's innovative solution - a virtual cash register paired with the maintenance-free payment terminal, Newland U1000.

Newland U1000 with virtual cash register introduced for car wash sector

Planet Pay introduces a modern solution for car wash operators looking to fiscalize their revenues without traditional cash registers. The combination of a maintenance-free payment terminal, the Newland U1000, and a virtual cash register offers an innovative and efficient alternative.

Originally designed for use in parking meters in the paid parking zone of Katowice, Planet Pay's Newland U1000 is now available for car wash operators. The device, which is intended for installation in various machines, can be used in combination with a virtual cash register for quick and hassle-free transactions.

In collaboration with Elzab and APDU, the Newland U1000 terminal has been enhanced to enable the execution of transactions with Visa, Mastercard, and Blik cards. Furthermore, it allows the fiscalization of both cash and non-cash transactions.

"We are excited to offer this cutting-edge solution to car wash operators," said a spokesperson for Planet Pay. "Our virtual cash register and Newland U1000 terminal offer a modern and efficient way to fiscalize revenues and process transactions."

Upgrade your car wash payment system today with Planet Pay's virtual cash register and Newland U1000 terminal.

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